Ok. This is my Sailor Moon inspired t-shirt :D Yaaay!

It is not finished yet, I want it to be perfect!!! :) But this is what I can show you for now :P

Excuse my face XD LOL

What do you think?

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    Ok, I didn’t do anything for Usagi and Chibiusa’s birthday :’( Then I’m reblogging the only thing Sailor Moon inspired...
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    It’s way cute! I love it! I’d totally wear something like that :3 
  6. enogitna said: OMG you are so cute! the necklace is perfect with that shirt — I can’t believe you made it, it looks great!! And your face is so cute! ha ha, kawaidorable!!i
  7. vexenstraug said: This is super cute!
  8. molotovmanda said: Super cute! :3 is that a Kuma crafts necklace?? :)
  9. sailorfailures said: Super cute!
  10. thescentofwhiteroses said: ASSGJHDLKSGF IT’S FANTASTIC AND YOU’RE ADORABLE!