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My heart


My heart

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One of the many upcoming Sailor Moon gashapon sets! Check the shopping guide for links to buy!


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SAILOR MOON MANGA - Sailor Moon Kanzenban (Cover) by JackoWcastillo


SAILOR MOON MANGA - Sailor Moon Kanzenban (Cover) by JackoWcastillo

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I drew the five compact gashapon for a school assignment.

Pastel and pencil :)

Gorgeous!! ♥

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More about these babies here~

Tights by Cordelia

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Ok, it’s my birthday today O.O

I can’t believe it! Time freaking flieeeeeeees! Hahahahah XD

No, really. I feel old XD Hugz anyone?

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Proplica Moon Stick | Instruction Manual Booklet Cover 
Proplica Moon Stick | Instruction Manual Booklet Cover 

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Sailor Moon Jumbo Pillow Cushion from Animate:

Sailor Moon

Sailor Mercury

Sailor Mars

Sailor Jupiter

Sailor Venus

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I found my old Sailor Moon wig and accessoires while clearing out my closet and just had to try it on ^^

OMG the cuteness!!!! ^^*

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Anonymous sent: what are your thoughts on the people who hate sailor mercury because shes Not as pretty as the other senshi:




That this is the most shallow basis for an opinion about a character, and who cares what they think.

Plus Ami is amazing, so not only are they shallow, but they’re WRONG, so whatever.

I think my favorite are those who insist that she’s the most useless because she’s the least physically strong.

Like, have they even seen the anime?

This. I will fight you on your Ami hate so hard. I normally respect all opinions but if you managed to find it in you to dislike (not just feel apathetic or neutral towards) Ami you are objectively wrong.

Ami kicks ass, people.

All of them are important in their own way because they are different and work as a team. Not being the strongest doesn’t make her a burden for the rest of the Senshi.

I still don’t see why some people hate her (due to that ridic reason or any other for that matter), she’s like the sweetest character I’ve ever seen!

Go Ami! ^^*